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Expand Beyond Your Recovery

Build the self trust and confidence to expand your recovery and create a life beyond your dreams.


Recovery isn’t a straight and narrow path.

Getting stuck, lost, or feeling overwhelmed is a sign that it’s time to consciously create YOUR recovery journey. 

Build the self-trust and confidence to keep growing, expanding, and moving forward.

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Reclaim trust in yourself

Recover, strengthen, and expand the wisdom you already hold for a life beyond your dreams

Gain clarity on your path

Discover what lights you up (your super power) and how you can create more healing and joy in your life

Create your  life beyond recovery

Create manageable and measurable recovery practices for your growth and expansion

Build the self-trust and confidence to expand and create a life beyond your dreams.


Do you feel stuck?

Stuck on how to take that next step on your journey? Stuck on how to fill your time and space now that you’re headed in a new direction. Are you stuck on how to even start?


I was there eight years ago, with little knowledge on where to begin and even less knowledge on trusting myself to make the right choices for me. Today I know with certainty that if I could get to a place of intentionally building a life in recovery beyond what I ever thought possible for myself…it's absolutely possible for you too.


Here’s how I can help you


Join My Upcoming

For the recovering woman looking to build community, confidence and self-trust within a supportive circle. Explore themes, tools and movement in recovery with embodied programs designed to ground, support and expand your recovery.



For the recovering woman looking to deep-dive into a recovery reset.


Receive custom curated guidance on finding your wisdom AND joy; discovering your purpose AND bliss; creating an ever-expanding recovery journey…and life.


Join One of
My Retreats

For the recovering woman ready for the gift of grace, rest and rejuvenation. A sacred time away from your busy life for connection with self and other like-hearted women; embodied movement, nourishing care, and ritual. A time and place to expand and grow.

I have gained the belief that I can move forward and create my life as me and not how I think others think I should be.

I was worried when my recovery changed direction that no one would like me anymore. What I discovered in Expand Beyond Recovery is that people like me MORE now that I am being and living as my authentic self. Payton helped me trust my own path and recovery…plus her energy is amazing to work with.

– Tami D, Entrepreneur & Business Owner


The Alchemy Guide

How to reframe any situation with more confidence, clarity and self-trust. 5 simple steps to honor your emotions, shift your energy, and create the change you’ve been looking for on your recovery journey.

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