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Purposefully create a life beyond what you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Coaching for recovering women to move from uncertainty, overwhelm, and self-judgment to confidently building a resilient and expansive recovery journey.  


Are you asking yourself why you’re not moving forward on your recovery journey?

Growth and expansion requires moving through the ‘muck’ of why, what, and how. This is your work but you don’t have to do this work alone!


Confidence brings ease

Acknowledge and embrace your unique journey so that feeling stuck and overwhelmed is NOT a space you stay in.

Clarity creates efficiency

Lose comparison and discover what works for YOU so that you can create your resilient and expansive recovery journey.

Self-trust cultivates joy

Make choices that ALIGN with what’s most important to you on your journey and watch joy spring up in every area of your life.

Having confidence, clarity, and trust in yourself and your journey is easier than you  think. 


Your growth and expansion as a recovering woman lights the way for another.  

In my years of working my recovery, and creating and holding space for hundreds of other women, I deeply understand the life-changing impact of bravely showing up and doing the work of recovery.


Having stood where you are…having embarked on my path of healing, embodiment, and empowerment, I understand the challenges of accepting and embracing your lived experience and the powerful shifts this work can bring. I understand the challenges of cultivating sustainable practices that resonate with you as a unique person at this stage of your journey and that you must feel empowered to shift, pivot, and change when you feel called to.


Most importantly, I understand that building confidence, clarity, and self-trust is paramount to all of this work and your expansion and growth as a recovering woman. This is what I guide and support my clients in…so they can create a life beyond what they’ve ever dreamed of.


I have experienced a change in myself that I could have never imagined.

In my coaching sessions with Payton, not only did I gain mental clarity and calmness, I was able to shift my awareness to the sensations, thoughts and emotions that accompany me every day. Payton helped me gain new perspectives on the challenges I was facing and also helped me to clarify my goals. I feel as though I now have tools to help me feel stronger and more empowered in my life.

- Agata P, District Retail Manager

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Move from uncertainty, overwhelm, and self-judgment to embracing your unique lived experiences and building the self-trust and confidence to cultivate a resilient and expansive recovery journey.



Book a FREE 30min discovery call

Take that first brave step towards building confidence and clarity. Our 30 minute call is your opportunity to share your journey and determine whether I can help guide you towards  more freedom and joy in your recovery and life.


90-Minute intake session 

Bring your wins, challenges, dreams and your vision for the future to our 90-minute intake session. Together we’ll explore where you are at and cultivate a plan to kickstart your recovery in a meaningful and measurable way.


Reset and recreate

Begin to reset and recreate your recovery with guidance from me with resources, practices, devotions, and tools that will ground, nourish, and inspire you to create more of what you want and need in your life.

It takes 3 simple steps to restart your recovery journey


Believing in your ability to change and grow shouldn’t be the last thing on your to-do list.

The evidence is already there that you can transform your life. As a recovering woman, you've put your time, your energy and your money into your healing. But growth and expansion is not linear or a one-time thing. Upleveling in your life requires an intentional investment in yourself, a belief and trust that you are ready for more and a willingness to move from where you are. 


Everything in your life - your relationships, the work you do, the interests and activities you engage in - the way you move in the world - is impacted by the level of confidence and trust you carry in yourself and the choices you make for your life. Coaching is a step-by-step process of learning how to inspire and motivate yourself; how to create daily practices and mindsets that cultivate real change in your life; how to care for yourself by dropping comparison and embracing your authenticity. 


Your recovery is a  living experience shaped by your attention and intention. Your investment in 1:1 coaching is the signal to the universe that you are ready to place yourself - your expansion and growth -  at the top of your priority list. We’ve all heard the saying, “nothing changes if nothing changes” and it couldn’t be truer. If you don’t create the changes and take steps towards the recovery and life you want and deserve…who else can?


Thank you for helping me feel brave!

Your creative energy is powerful and inspiring. You gave me permission and the tools to bring out and unleash my creative energy.

- Tami D, Entrepreneur & Business Owner


I went from feeling stuck to accepting myself and letting growth happen.

Payton was able to see me and understand where I was on my recovery journey and make suggestions that fit with exactly who I am and where I was at that moment. She brings to mind the quote, “we are all just walking each other home”. She helped me remember where home might be and helped me trust that I’m on the path there already.

- Melissa M, BSC, Senior Planner, Renewables and Hydrogen, Energy Systems


The Alchemy Guide 

How to reframe any situation with more confidence, clarity and self-trust. 5 simple steps to honor your emotions, shift your energy, and create the change you’ve been looking for on your recovery journey.

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