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What would happen if you said YES to a more expanded version of recovery?

My life in recovery began to change when I started to say YES to the people, places and things that brought up a lot of fear in me. I thought back then, I was the least deserving person to be in the experiences I found myself in. I began to cultivate supportive tools, practices, and mindsets as I moved in and through these new experiences. 10 years previous, when I was stuck in addictive behaviours and toxic relationships, I could have never imagined the clarity, self-trust and the resilient recovery I experience and enjoy today. 


The years of experience I have gained working in recovery spaces has given me a unique view of the nuances of this journey; the delicate balance of commitment, inspiration, and practice, with self-care, acceptance, and the exploration of authenticity. As a certified coach, yoga teacher, and concious dance facilitator, my personal and professional experiences are infused in everything I offer and are the foundation in helping my clients cultivate more confidence, clarity, and self-trust as they grow and expand in recovery. 


If you are walking a recovery journey on your own, you don’t have to. If you are working your recovery in a way that doesn’t quite feel right, you don’t have to. Your recovery as it is today is proof that you are capable and meant for so much more. What would happen if you said yes to a more expanded version of your recovery? You would begin to build the self trust and confidence to expand your recovery and create a life beyond what you dreamed possible. I hope you’ll say yes today!


Hi, I’m Payton

As a woman in long-term recovery and having worked in recovery spaces for years, I know intimately, the journey you are on.  I know how brave you are, how many doors you’ve opened for yourself and how challenging it can be to recover and thrive while handling everything else in your life. 


As a trauma-informed yoga teacher, life & recovery coach, and conscious dance facilitator, I understand that recovery is much more than stopping whatever it is you are recovering from. It calls for an experiential and holistic approach to creating self-trust, confidence, and the clarity to choose and practice what’s right for you. And in the vast space of recovery pathways and modalities, grounding, guidance, tools, and creative inspiration is what I am an expert in.  


As a single mother raising a high-needs child (now a teenager), I also understand that even though we are doing this recovery thing, we have a life to live… responsibilities, loved ones, and homes to take care of and spend time with. Weaving recovery practices into a busy life takes a delicate balance of strategy and commitment, along with practicing acceptance, patience, and constantly working your inner ‘trust-muscles’. 


The  journey of cultivating a life beyond what you dreamed of is an experience we share. What lights me up is knowing that I am helping you to connect to and embrace your authenticity and lived experiences; to consciously move in this space, and to create a unique, empowered, and expanded recovery that is yours alone. Each person I help and guide expands my recovery and creates a heartfelt shift in the  consciousness of our world. I would be so honoured to help you create yours.

My Credibility

200 Hour Yoga Teacher, PranaShanti Yoga & Education Centre, 2018


SHE RECOVERS® Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, 25 hours, 2018


Accessible Yoga Teacher, 32 hours Intelligent Edge Yoga, 2019

Events & Retreats, SHE RECOVERS, SHE RECOVERS Foundation, 2016 - current

SHE RECOVERS® Dance: Creator, Facilitator & Trainer, 2019


Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, 2020


Certified IAPRC Professional Life Coach, 2020


Certified IAPRC Professional Recovery Coach, 2021

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I am so grateful to you for creating a space to explore how we want to live, to move, to learn, to grow, feel safe and be seen.


- Mia A, LMHC/School Counselor

Your “movement” tip simplified my daily workout! It motivated me to move each day…it doesn’t have to be complicated.


- Jay S, Postmaster

With your guidance, I was able to switch my mindset from always solving perceived problems to practicing a lot more self acceptance.


- Melissa M, BSC, Senior Planner

Happy Clients


The Alchemy Guide 

How to reframe any situation with more confidence, clarity and self-trust. 5 simple steps to honor your emotions, shift your energy, and create the change you’ve been looking for on your recovery journey.

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