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Let go of control and create space for flow.

An embodied book study program for recovering women to move from striving to do everything *right* and struggling with perfectionism, to feeling more confidence, inner trust, power and peace.


Do you find yourself constantly ruminating over a *mistake* worried about what others might think?

What if I told you that striving to do it all, struggling to do it perfectly, and looking for others to validate your worthiness is an old paradigm. Let’s leave it behind!


Identify your brand of perfectionism

Understand your struggles 

and turn them into 

strategies that inspire more

peace with less perfection.

Embody *I am enough* energy

Embody your strengths and release unrealistic expectations through mindful movement and self-inquiry.

Ditch doing this alone

Cultivate relationships and collective energy with 

recovering women who are looking to replace “doing” with “being” and “perfect” with “human”.

Turn perfectionism on its head. Join the Embodied Book Club to expand your confidence, peace, and power.


I know what you are capable of now that you’ve decided to recover.

I know how hard you’re working and how easy it is to go into overwhelm managing recovery and life. We are women and we hold a lot! 


With 12 years in recovery, 10 of them sober, I have journeyed through many layers of healing in recovery. Working in these spaces has given me varied experiences and perspectives, the most important being that we are all unique and yet, so much the same. Perfectionism is a roadblock for many women looking to grow and expand beyond simply recovering. I lend my experience and insight to others so that more women can step out of unrealistic expectations and into authentic peace and power.


This is the second EBR book club I have had the joy of being part of, and I will be back for more...

Breathe, share your lightbulb moments, move your body, hold loving space for others. Oh, and read. These are my simple instructions for anyone wishing to fully experience Payton's Expand Beyond Recovery Book Club.

While we read the well-researched, thoughtfully written book, The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control, we gently unpacked and tentatively unfolded parts of our life experiences as women doing our best, blessedly imperfectly. This is the second EBR book club I have had the joy of being part of, and I will be back for more. So beautiful!

– Maria Luz O'Rourke, Seattle, WA



Peace > Perfection

An embodied book study program to move from striving and struggling with perfectionism, to more confidence, peace, and authenticity.

Starring The Perfectionists Guide to Losing Control: A Path to Peace and Power by Kathryn Morgan Schafler



Get ready to redefine perfectionism

Join the program and purchase or borrow our book study selection. Dig in and connect with others in the program through our video chat group!


Connect and share in community

Hop on our weekly Saturday Zoom session for embodiment practices, discussion and sharing, for a new understanding of your strengths and next steps.


Discover more confidence, peace, and authentic power

Enjoy a new relationship with perfectionism. Let go of control and create space in your life for more flow and possibility.

The Embodied Book Club starts Saturday, April 4th!


“Allow your history of long and winding false starts to represent your abiding commitment to discover your authentic self. ”
- Katherine Morgan Schafler

Showing up for ourselves in recovery includes making a consistent effort to keep learning, growing, and expanding while accepting all the experiences that make us human. It’s an investment we make that pays forward for ourselves, our families, our communities and beyond. We truly are change-makers and way-showers.


The Embodied Book Club: PEACE > PERFECTION offers inspiration, community, guidance and support in moving beyond a limited and wholly negative view of perfectionism. Enjoy a book study format that includes our bodies - mindful movement and physical practices that speak to the stripping away of rigid ideals. Explore new ideas on moving away from the struggle of perfectionism to embracing your passion and perseverance. Begin to feel what it’s like to be your most authentic self in a supportive circle of women.


This is an eight-week immersion into reimagining perfection and letting go of unaligned expectations for more confidence, more peace and more power. See you there!


Your genuine authenticity and gentle leadership is what I was searching for.

The guided yoga, meditations, and group connections are a grounding force in my life. And the resources you share keep me learning and growing in between our meetings. I feel blessed by your guidance.

– AnnaMaria A, LMHC/School Counselor

I have gained the belief that I can move forward and create my life as me and not how I think others think I should be.

I was worried when my recovery changed direction that no one would like me anymore. What I discovered in Expand Beyond Recovery is that people like me MORE now that I am being and living as my authentic self. Payton helped me trust my own path and recovery…plus her energy is amazing to work with.

– Tami D, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

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