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The Alchemy Guide

How to reframe any situation with more confidence, clarity and self-trust. 5 simple steps to honor your emotions, shift your energy, and create the change you’ve been looking for on your recovery journey.


In this FREE guide, you’ll learn how to…

  • Reframe challenges for greater clarity and peace

  • Express and embody your truth in any situation

  • Creatively call on your higher-self to set alchemy in motion

  • Give yourself full permission to make choices that feel authentic and help shift you into alignment no matter where you are on your journey

  • Create simple steps to keep you on a journey of expansion and growth

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Hey, I’m Payton!

I help recovering women move from uncertainty, overwhelm, and self-judgment to embracing their unique lived experiences and building the self-trust and confidence to purposefully create a life beyond what they ever dreamed possible.

I hope this Alchemy Guide takes you one step closer to the life you are dreaming of!

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