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Trust your  choices and watch yourself grow.

A monthly membership for recovering women looking to build self-trust, confidence and clarity.


You may have been told there’s only one way to recover.

The truth is, there are many ways and they can shift and change as you grow in recovery. The Expand Beyond Recovery membership is a place to explore, discover and create your unique journey!


I know what you're capable of, now that you’ve decided to recover.

Having been on a journey of recovery for 10 years, I understand where you are and what is possible for you.


The Expand Beyond Recovery membership offers inspiration, tools, resources and community. I designed it to offer you a guided, yet self-empowered way to create more confidence and clarity in all areas of your life. I’ve created my dream, it’s time to create yours.


Reclaim trust in yourself

Cultivate the confidence in yourself to make the *right* choices for you

Gain clarity on your journey

Explore new ideas and create impactful practices for you

Ditch doing this alone

Build relationships with people who are on the same path of expansion

More acceptance, more peace, more confidence, more creativity is yours in the Expand Beyond Recovery Membership.


Your genuine authenticity and gentle leadership is what I was searching for.

The guided yoga, meditations, and group connections are a grounding force in my life. And the resources you share keep me learning and growing in between our meetings. I feel blessed by your guidance.

– AnnaMaria A, LMHC/School Counselor

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Build the self trust and confidence to expand your recovery and create a life beyond what you ever dreamed possible.



Become a member

Get instant access to classes, workbooks, and an incredible community


Do the *work*

Discover the right tools and steps to build more confidence & self-trust as you move forward


Create a life you love

Know you have all the inner resources to build a life beyond what you think is possible

How the Expand Beyond Recovery Membership works…


“Attention is the beginning of devotion.” – Mary Oliver

Showing up for yourself in recovery means embracing where you are at and devoting your attention to what feels nourishing and sustainable, while allowing yourself to change and grow. It means making a consistent effort to keep learning and to keep taking care of yourself and your recovery. It’s an investment anybody on a journey of recovery can’t afford NOT to make.


The Expand Beyond Recovery offers inspiration, information, guidance, and support right at your fingertips. Bypass uncertainty and overwhelm, and start to build confidence, clarity, and self-trust. Learn about holistic, modern recovery and wellness, and how you can handpick and create yours. Choose what works for you and work it the way you want to: online sessions offering trauma-informed yoga, conscious dance and mindful movement; sharing and integration circles, reading, journaling, and listening and engaging in focused discussions. Explore topics and themes of recovery with a holistic approach, alongside other women on a path of expansion and growth. Start to feel the results you are looking for in an authentic and supportive circle of women.


Your time and space may shift from month to month but as someone on the journey of recovery, you know consistency is key. Creating a life BEYOND what you’ve dreamed of asks you to be courageous, committed, and consistent. It asks you to believe in your authenticity and magic. Start today in the Expand Beyond Recovery Membership.


I had some fears about joining…

Fear of being terminally unique!  Instead, I felt embraced and understood by Payton and the other members in this group. Expand Beyond Recovery has been instrumental in transforming my thinking by helping me to renew my mind.

- Jay S, Postmaster

I have gained the belief that I can move forward and create my life as me and not how I think others think I should be.

I was worried when my recovery changed direction that no one would like me anymore. What I discovered in Expand Beyond Recovery is that people like me MORE now that I am being and living as my authentic self. Payton helped me trust my own path and recovery…plus her energy is amazing to work with.

– Tami D, Entrepreneur & Business Owner


The Alchemy Guide

How to reframe any situation with more confidence, clarity and self-trust. 5 simple steps to honor your emotions, shift your energy, and create the change you’ve been looking for on your recovery journey.

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