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Recovery is a journey to wholeness.

This week on the podcast, Tammi and Sondra are so happy to welcome Payton Kennedy. Payton has logged two decades as a Canadian-based event planner and production manager, but you may know her as one of the beautiful faces behind the SHE RECOVERS retreats and events. However, Payton is an artist at heart, and the ladies talk about her rich background as a musician, dancer, writer, yoga teacher and style maven and counts her sobriety and creating her beloved community as some of her biggest accomplishments to date. Have your dancing shoes handy because this conversation is going to make you want to get up and move! If you want to learn what Payton is busy facilitating at SHE RECOVERS, head over to or you can follow her on Instagram @plk_ottawa.

This week Payton shares three items from her Unruffled Toolbox: (1) Morning ritual; (2) Dance; and (3) Seeking out beauty.


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