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Sum of my Imperfections

Payton Kennedy of She Recovers Dance in conversation with Fay Zenoff

Payton Kennedy of She Recovers Dance in conversation with Fay Zenoff

December 22, 2021

Recovery Strategist Fay Zenoff speaks with Payton Kennedy of She Recovers Dance about navigating life's inevitable challenges while maintaining health and wellness in recovery. Payton shares about being part of She Recovers, growing up as an adoptee and today what it is like as the mother to her incredible son who has autism. Payton is raw, authentic, humble and full of grace. Episode Six Guest: Payton Kennedy is the creator & facilitator of SHE RECOVERS DANCE, a guided movement experience promoting self-awareness, body positivity, freedom, joy, and empowerment for recovering women. She is also a Dancing Mindfulness facilitator and a SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and a Certified Professional Recovery Coach. An event planner by trade, Payton joined SHE RECOVERS in 2017 co-planning SHE RECOVERS in NYC and SHE RECOVERS in LA, as well as workshops and retreats all over North America. Her current role with the SHE RECOVERS Foundation is Director, Foundation Events. Payton is in long-term recovery, an adoptee, and an autism-mamma to her wonderful son Greyson. Her participation in her community and service to all is focused on creating and sharing embodied practices that build resilience in recovery and life. Follow Payton Kennedy: Learn more about Fay Zenoff at


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